Meet the Ghanian Nurses in Training.

Interviews by Shaleena Callichurn.

Daniel Kwafo

Daniel comes from Ghana. He is 26 years old and already has six years of professional nursing in his home country.
Daniel has chosen to be a nurse because he likes being around people, and caring makes him feel good. But he is an achiever and a goal-oriented professional who is looking forward to growing in his profession.

Daniel works in Hillview care home as a senior carer, preparing for his OTE and OSCE exams. He is very confident that he will be a Registered nurse soon, and he is looking forward to contributing to the UK healthcare system. Does he consider other options for a career? ‘Leave the nursing? No, I would never say no to nursing if the conditions are favourable’.
Daniel is looking towards a brighter future, proving himself as professional, settling down and starting a family. Hard work is not a problem, as technology makes everything much easier here in the UK than back home. He is thankful for the opportunity and believes he can contribute to the care home that trusted and hired him through their license. ‘Coming from a caring and emphatic society, we quickly connect with everybody and love to help.’
In the end, we asked Daniel what his superpower is‘ My secret POWER is praying, kindness and humility.’
Thanks, Daniel, best of luck with your exams!

Nurse in Training Rebecca Alfonse QAQF

Rebecca Alfonse

Rebecca is one of those people you always notice and remember because of her lovely personality and ongoing attitude. She is confident and happily collaborates with everyone, which is no surprise after eleven years of active nursing practice.

Speaking of her decision to move to the UK, she mentions personal growth in the profession and a better life for her family, especially her children. Rebecca loves working in Vida Care Homes (Harrogate, North Yorkshire) and doesn’t hide her ambition to become a care home manager one day. ‘I would like to work for Vida in the future. ‘I would love to become a care home manager.’ She is confident about her upcoming exams, and to become a Registered nurse in the UK as she is ‘smart and pays attention to details’. We can’t argue with that.
She became a nurse as she likes to take care of people and believes this is her right profession. For the short period of time working in the UK, she is impressed by how the UK care system works, though does not enjoy the bureaucracy. Rebecca believes that all the best is yet to come. Her superpower is ‘Grace’, and we are sure she will conquer her dreams.

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