How overseas nurses have impacted care homes across the UK

QAQF Nurses-in-training with their Colleagues and management

By Danica Luches

Shortages of health care workers during the COVID-19 has not only affected the NHS, but also care homes across the UK. Overseas nurses help fill those gaps.

It has been estimated that there are three times as many beds in a care home than in hospitals. Moreover, care delivered in care homes can sometimes be more intensive than in hospitals; elderly residents require both complex physical and cognitive care.

The UK’s reliance on international nurses

The UK has been dependent on overseas nurses with about 15% of nurses being foreign-trained. In recent years, the shortfall of nursing professionals has been significant and due to the pandemic, the government has eased the requirements for health professionals to immigrate to the UK.

In the near future, because nurses are listed in the shortage occupation list in the UK along with the government’s recent proposal for a post-Brexit Health and Care visa, and the exemption of nurses from the Immigration Health Surcharge, there will be the option to facilitate the ‘fast track’ recruitment of nurses from abroad.

Why choose to work in the UK as a nurse?

Not only does the UK provide an attractive salary to nurses, but also the benefit of free health care and an equal treatment policy at work.

Once you have gained your NMC Pin number and become a fully registered nurse in the UK, then you have the option to work in a variety of healthcare settings, relocate to your chosen destination in the UK and you will have the opportunity to progress in the nursing profession and band.

How QAQF helps bring nurses to the UK

We source the best-qualified nurses from overseas who we believe will have a positive impact in the care sector in the UK.

At QAQF we involve care home management from the recruitment of nurses from overseas, with access to the interview process and recordings of the interviews. We ensure that we provide the best top-quality international nurses to help the needs of the care sector in the UK.

The UK has endorsed the WHO Global code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel. This sets out a framework for a managed and ethical approach to international recruitment, we strictly comply with the process and respect UK regulations.

We are experienced and help bring an ease to the process from the get-go.

Danica Luces is the QAQF Compliance Officer. She has a legal background, but coming from a healthcare family herself, she loves the nursing profession. In her daily work with trainees and care homes, she makes the procedures and regulation process painless. You can contact Danica via