How overseas nurses improve the life of Care home residents.

Article by Alexandra Manole

The number of nurses on the NMC register from outside the European Economic Area grew by 10% in 2021, with a total number of more than 100,000 nurses from overseas (Registration data reports – The Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2021). The nurses have left their country to follow their dream in the UK with a desire to provide the best care to patients.
How can overseas nurses improve the life of the residents?

Through their passion for helping

The QAQF trainees have tremendously enjoyed working with elderly residents, they love to care for patients. Moreover, nurses treat the residents like members of their own families. Overseas nurses are people with great souls who understand that old age is a difficult stage in life and that any senior deserves attention, care and respect exactly like our grandparents, mothers and fathers do.

The parience in their care for residents

Although there are people who are still relatively healthy and able to do everything they are asked to do, there are also people who do not have an excellent health condition or have behavioural problems. These people will demand utmost patience, so it is essential to exert control. Overseas nurses are gentle, intuiting the patient’s needs and constantly providing residents with a calm, warm and friendly climate. Nurses protect seniors from tense situations and try to discover activities that give them pleasure and help her/him relax.

With their experience

Oversee nurses have years of experience in caring for patients and are flexible in their care, adapting their attitude based on the resident’s needs. A nursing home is much more than a space where the residents live in the latter part of their lives. The nurses use their experience from overseas to ensure that seniors feel at home, both physically (eating, sleeping, recreating) and especially mentally. Overseas nurses work together as a team to provide the residents with the best possible life in the care home. Oversee nurses emphasize the quality of life and give the necessary attention to the senior.

Their culture

Nurses often bring their own culture to the daily interactive activities with the residents. They combine both cultures to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the residents by doing something as simple as listening to both the residents’ favourite music and the nurses’ favourite songs. They make sure that the residents are engaged in activities that bring them joy. 

The essential role of an overseas nurse is still helping the care home residents to maintain or regain their health. Overseas nurses accomplish excellent resident care through their passion, patience for caring, experience, culture, and so much more. One must meet them to see for themselves the level of their dedication and passion for care.

Alexandra Manole is the QAQF wellbeing officer. She is the link that holds together our big international and multicultural team, providing great care and support to staff members, trainees and our business partners. You can message Alex at