Interview with Ms Shaleena Callichurn

Interview with Shaleena Callichurn

Ms Shaleena Callichurn is the Founder and Director of Studies of QAQF.

Ms Callichurn, you are the Founder and Director of QAQF. What is the story behind the company?

Well, it has been both an exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey, with many successes and some failures to learn from. I have been in the education industry for over 15 years, in which, I have developed several innovative educational projects in different countries. Some counties were not open to such a concept of change, but in others, like the UK, we can see its great benefits. QAQF doesn’t aim to reinvent the educational wheel, but it has a mission and vision that is a good fit for the UK Healthcare and Care industry, especially during these challenging times.

The United Kingdom has given QAQF a fantastic edge to conceptualise our innovative education project into a feasible and sustainable one. Today QAQF stands tall as we train hundreds of people from around the globe, supporting their growth into highly qualified health professionals. We use our knowledge and skills to coach and lead our students into the best career support and guidance. The Tech revolution gave us the tools to bring our learning and teaching methodologies to highly motivated students worldwide.

Where do you see your special place in the busy landscape of the Care Services in the UK?

The care service industry is extraordinary as it is primarily and foremost about people.  It’s not only about medical and care skills but building pure human relationships – emotional and even physical. We work closely with Nursing and Care homes and learn more about how our services can benefit from them every day. To date, we have had hundreds of our trainees who have secured a career in nursing and care homes around the country. It is a great responsibility on our hands, as we understand how important it is to train skilful but highly motivated nurses who love the profession and are happy to work in the care sector.

I have to add that apart from working in the Healthcare sector, QAQF also provides Managerial, IT and Entrepreneurial training and support.

You are a successful Female Entrepreneur. Was the success easy and what does it take to become successful?

I have mainly learnt from my own experience, and this is how it should be. Life is a continuous journey we need to cherish. Success is never easy, but it helps when you are genuinely passionate about your dreams in life. The best approach is to be kind to people, try to help them and make them happy. It always pays back. I will allow myself to quote a small poem by Daisaku Ikeda, that is a great inspiration for me and I hope my work and life to be seen in such a manner:

“she is an ordinary woman

who somehow stands out

and has a beautiful story to tell”

What is the biggest challenge this far in your professional life?

Probably my worst experience was with my educational project in Mauritius. To start it, I had to overcome enormous bureaucracies, huddles and bad ethics and never managed to complete the project properly. Being a female entrepreneur there, I felt an unprecedented first-hand level of ignorance, intolerance and disrespect. It was heartbreaking.

However, I learnt a great deal. As I never gave up on my projects, I came out stronger and wiser and returned with an improved concept and enhanced vision of bringing education to the next level. Today, l feel proud that I can give more to the world of education for the benefit of everyone.

What motivates you in the morning to go and do your best?

I have learnt to enjoy every day. I am happy to have this opportunity to dedicate my time and efforts to new things related to education, human relationships and culture. I work hard as I love to see the value I can create and its impact on people’s lives.

You are a person with a strong vision of the future. What is your ultimate professional goal?

There is a long road ahead of us, we have to learn a lot and work hard, but I have a strong vision of a new educational framework based on creativity and aiming to build value through satisfaction and pursuit of happiness. Education must be home to imagination, joy and inspiration.

Thank you!

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