OSCE exam in the context of the professional contribution of overseas nurses in the UK

by Neha Awashti

The National Health Service (NHS) is an enormous organisation that has a diverse army of healthcare professionals. Due to the continued growth and demand for healthcare, internationally trained healthcare providers have increased. This has been experienced greatly in the NHS hospitals and Nursing/ Care homes. Theoretical knowledge, appropriate training and previous clinical experience are the important prerequisites for the recruitment process. This along with the enhanced training process in the United Kingdom has enabled foreign healthcare professionals to pass the required exams before legally working in the United Kingdom. Their expertise can be very well appreciated in the care home settings where the care is provided to the group of the population who are frail or unable to perform self-care. It is in this case that the client is fully dependent on the nurse for all the activities of daily living. The right knowledge, prior experience, ample resources, and regular trainings all contribute to the best service and smooth running of the care homes.

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a demonstration of the candidates’ clinical and communication skills as per the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). It is essential to mentor the candidates according to the standards of the healthcare system in the United Kingdom as their practice will be governed by the NMC. Moreover, good quality training will enhance the clinical skills of the candidate, and hence will have a positive impact on the services rendered to the clients by the care home nurses. Furthermore, it will encourage the nurses to advocate for their patients in an effective way among the interdisciplinary team members. It will also provide a sense of satisfaction at work which will motivate and boost the morale of the nurse. It will also aid in the professional and personal growth as a nurse which are required to work as an efficient team member in the multi-disciplinary team caring for the patients.

Nasha Awashti is QAQF OSCE head instructor – an experienced nurse, who was on the frontline as part of the emergency units during the pandemic. Probably that is why she is famous for her ‘no nonsense approach’, and she really invests in her students but expects always hounded percent commitment.