Overseas Healthcare Professionals Welcomed to the UK

Article by Danica Luces.

Following the immeasurable effort and sacrifices of healthcare workers during the pandemic, through the 2020 Coronavirus Act, the UK Government eased immigration pressures. Its provisions have been curated for the rapid registration of healthcare professionals in the UK and overseas applicants. It will alleviate the burden of the shortage of healthcare workers in the NHS and independent health care sectors in the UK.
Once all components have been completed for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration, a healthcare worker is invited to become part of the frontliners to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. Overseas healthcare workers are welcome to work in the UK through the skilled worker visa, which has replaced the tier 2 (general) work visa. After five years, the Health and Care Worker Visa can lead to settlement, and dependent partners and children can join the applicant.
Additionally, some healthcare workers and their families will get their visas extended for free because of the pandemic. The application for indefinite right to remain can be made online and free of charge.

 Getting the Right Qualification

QAQF enables professionals from around the world to gain their qualifications to be recognised in the UK. Once in the UK, they have the right of employment in the care sector (as carers and senior carers) but must pass the qualifications (CBT, OSCE and OET) within eight months upon arrival to become a registered nurse. 

Care homes sponsor senior care workers and nurses.

QAQF sources the best Care homes in the UK to employ overseas health care professionals, whilst they are completing their qualifications to become registered nurse. To be approved by the Home Office, care homes apply for a License, allowing them to issue an electronic record called a Certificate of sponsorship, thus hiring employees coming with a Health and Care Visa.

Sponsorship is growing rapidly in popularity as more care homes are using it to solve staff shortages and high turnovers. We anticipate that it will become one of the critical resources of the industry recruiting in the near future.

Danica Luces is the QAQF Compliance Officer. She has a legal background, but coming from a healthcare family herself, she loves the nursing profession. In her daily work with trainees and care homes, she makes the procedures and regulation process painless. You can contact Danica via danica.luces@qaqf.co.uk.