What is new in the New Year for QAQF

2022 is here!

The expectations have never been so modest, but let us wish to be healthy and robust enough to continue providing consistent, resourceful and dedicated service to people and communities.

We, at QAQF, expect 2022 to be very, very busy with hundreds of new nurses joining our training from overseas and easing the staff shortage in the UK Care industry.

At the beginning of 2022, we will see two major technological implementations that will support our growth and provide consistent quality of education and support.

In 2021 QAQF Professional Accelerated Routine programme became a staple of nurse training without an alternative in the UK. In 2022 we will develop an outstanding learning experience with campuses in major UK cities, intensive OET and OSCE training and long-term life and study support. 

We will continue our close collaboration with Employees and Partners through our Discover-Train-Deploy scheme to help organisations find much-needed nursing talent and improve the quality of their service.

We expect 2022 to be hard work, but never the less a fruitful and successful year for all. Happy New Year!